Deal of the Future - Part 3

July 30, 2018

Deal of the Future – Part 3 – Diamonds


With a relaxed mind and a little know-how, a humble deck of playing cards can become a tool of divination and insight. Relax into a light meditation as you shuffle your cards and pull a card to receive your guidance. 



Ace = Rebirth and reinvention 

Two =Balance personal and business affairs

Three = Recognition for past effort

Four = Lay the foundations for future rewards

Five = A turning point / shining new opportunities

Six = Don't let a relationship issue impact your prospects  

Seven = Financial concerns / budget wisely 

Eight = Wealth / a major purchase

Nine = Let go of something to embrace new growth

Ten = Opportunities to edge closer to a major goal 

Jack = Jealously / an unreliable friend or business associate

Queen = Avoid gossip and trouble-making banter

King = A favourable offer


Next week: Clubs 

See previous weeks for Hearts and Spades

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