Make Your Own Oracle Cards

June 25, 2018

Why not make your own divination cards?

You can design them yourself. Draw, print or cut out images that you personally relate to. There are some suggestions below to get you started. All you need is some cardboard to paste the images onto. Gold or fuchsia is best for the backing colour and you can have fun decorating them anyway you like. Shuffle your cards, close your eyes in meditation and ask a question. Then simply select a card to receive your answer.



ANGEL               Spirituality growing, a blessing.


SEEDLING         Fresh new beginnings and opportunities. A new family member. Can indicate a birth.


A MAP              Travel. Believe in yourself and the world is your oyster.


GOALPOSTS     Kicking butt. Reaching goals. Hopes and wishes coming true.


SUN                   Happiness. Commitment. Growth in love and business.


STAR                Wishes coming true … make one now.


COINS               Financial opportunities are on the way. A win is likely.


HEARTS            Love is in the air. You are sparkling and attracting what you want.


CRACKER         An explosion of fun, luck and good times. Celebrations galore.


A MATCH         Transformation. Time to let go and move forward


RAINBOW        Positive changes will now take place. The worst is over.


BOOK              Study or learning new skills is also likely


VULTURE         Depression, worries, anxiety and sleepless nights.


ROOSTER         Recognition for an outstanding achievement. Fame or reaching the heights of success.


BRIDGE            Building your future. Time to make long term plans. Legal matters.





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