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June 3, 2018

People are often so busy living day-to-day, stressed or worrying about the future that they do not pick up on the vibes  or messages that are all around each and everyone of us. Slowing down and finding inner calm can help you be more psychic. Here are three simple ways you can awaken your intuition. 


 MEDITATION is easier than it sounds, although it does take a little practice. Try staring at a candle flame as you breathe slowly in and out. Focus only on the candle. Do not be in any hurry for anything to happen. Just relax and observe the movement of the flame as you continue to breathe slowly. If you start thinking about anything else, just bring your thoughts back to the candle. Gentle gaze, soft thoughts, quiet breath ... once you enter a relaxed state, watch any images or words that drift into your awareness. Start by doing this exercise for seven minutes. Afterwards, make a note of any impressions or other experiences in a notebook. You may wish to do this as a relaxation before you go to sleep at night. 


DREAMS can become more vivid when psychic awakening takes place. We have many dreams we don't remember, but working with the ones we do recall can enhance or accelerate your psychic development. Keep a journal and pen beside your bed and jot down what you can remember. Don't worry if it doesn’t make sense straight away, as it will eventually. Keep crystals under your pillow, say a prayer or affirmation as you drift into sleep, or do the above meditation to give your dreams a boost. Just paying attention to your dreams will help you remember them.  


Practising FENG SHUI can make you more psychic. De-cluttering your home can make you feel more comfortable and spacious surroundings can improve your intuition. Surrounding yourself with things you love will also increase your psychic energy. 


What you eat, the music you listen to, and your self-talk also influence your psychic ability. You may find your appetite, interests and perspective naturally changing as you open up your intuition. This is all part of the process. <3 




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