Write On! Handwriting Analysis

March 19, 2018

GRAPHOLOGY: What is your handwriting communicating? 

Handwriting analysis can reveal personality and behavioural traits. It can suggest ideal career paths and offer relationship insights. 


 Heavy Pressure: Serious, committed & ambitious. 

Excessively Heavy Pressure: Domineering.

Light Pressure: Sensitive & compassionate. 

Very Light Pressure: Unwilling to commit.

Right slant: Friendly, optimistic, good communicator. 

Excessive right slant: Talkative, tends to speak before thinking things through.  

Left slant: Emotionally reserved. 

Excessive left slant: Aloof; may have hidden motives. 

Small & delicate: Logical, clear thinker; not a risk taker. 

Large: Outgoing and confident

Angled: Good in business

Wavy: Passionate and resourceful

Unintelligible: Rushed or careless attitude. Poor communicator.  Self important.

Clear print: Decisive, deliberate and reliable.   


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