Driving Home the Good Vibes

February 19, 2018

We feng shui our homes, offices and gardens – what about our cars?  We spend so much time in our vehicles, it makes sense to drive with good vibes.




Maintain the mechanics.  Treat your car to a regular service.


Keep it clean!  A dirty car sends out negative vibes.  Keep the free of garbage, clutter and junk.  Take particular care to wash the windows.


Cleanse the interior with rosemary oil.  Just a few drops promotes calm and clear thinking while driving.  Lemon is a good alternative as this invigorates your health and well being.


Sprinkle a little sea salt inside for positive energy.


Place a small dragon sticker inside for protection.


Keep a bottle of water inside or tie a black ribbon on the rear view mirror.


Place a stone from the garden the in glove box to stay grounded.


Keep a crystal in the car.  Choose the colour for what you want to promote in your life: 

- Round pink crystal to promote love.

- Red crystal ball for success and money.

- Green crystal ball for health.

- Yellow or gold for happiness.

- Purple for study and school success.


Keep six gold coins in the glove box for luck!


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