Planting Prosperity

February 6, 2018

Planting Prosperity: 

Sow the seeds of peace, harmony and happiness by bringing feng shui to your garden.  Whether it is lush acreage, a simple plot or a potted balcony, your garden can be a haven for meditation and relaxation. 


Place an angel in the centre of your garden to enhance spirituality and angelic wisdom.  You can also place a plaque with an angel prayer or blessing on the wall of your courtyard.  Terracotta is ideal.  


Plant a white rose for spirituality where you can connect to your loved ones in spirit.


A water feature enhances peaceful vibes.  Running water in a fountain, a small one is fine, is auspicious for harmony and if you can keep gold fish – even better!


If you would like to attract wealth and prosperity to your life bury $108 (play money is fine!) in the left corner of your garden or inside a pot in the left corner of your balcony.


To protect your wealth, place a turtle in the garden so that it is facing north. 


Red terracotta driveways and garden paths can help create as avenues to riches and luck.


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