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January 14, 2018

Clocks represent the passing of time, and it is best to place them in areas of the house with lots of activity.


Do keep clocks in the kitchen, the living room, and the home office. Clocks made of wood are the perfect choice for your home. If your clocks are metal, do not display them in family areas.  

Do not display a clock at in the entrance of your home, especially facing the front door. This is bad feng shui as time will seem to fly out the door.


Do not display clocks in the dining room as it is a time to relax, digest your food and enjoy the company of your family and guests.


Do have all your clocks showing the correct time.


Do not keep broken clocks


The bedroom is where your body clock can reset and work to its own pace. Have only one clock in the bedroom, preferably a small battery-operated alarm clock. One day per week, let your body wake up on its own, without the aid of an alarm. Having a small clock in a child’s bedroom teaches them about the passing of time. The rhythmic ticking of a clock can help babies and small children sleep.



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