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November 27, 2017



Get rid of unlucky vibes in the home simply by opening up all the windows and letting in fresh air for at least 20 minutes a day. 

Place pictures of a phoenix and a dragon in your home for resilience and strength. 

Carry a business card with your dream job/career/wish written on it as a reminder of what you want for the future.

Buy a red diary for 2018 and write your goals in the front in red pen. 

Use affirmations! Talk to yourself with encouragement, hope and confidence in your ability:

"I am capable and resourceful. I can do this."


NEWSFLASH! Sharina Star is jumping on board the Sydney Pearl for psychic cruises. Enjoy Sharina's live show with lunch or dinner cruises around beautiful Darling Harbour. First cruise Sunday 28th January from 1 to 4pm. Watch this space details .. 

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