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November 12, 2017

A Picture of Success


The best businesses are built on strong ethics, effort and planning. Be sure to keep appointments, be on time, and dress the part. As well as good business practice, you can decorate your work space to your projects a boost.   

A picture of a mountain is beneficial for business security, particularly when it is placed behind you.


Bamboo is very auspicious to have in a business. Eight sticks in a pot near a door is brilliant!


Images or models of sailing ships are excellent for business prosperity or money gains. Dragon-shaped sailing boats are the most auspicious - fill them with Chinese coins!

A black turtle, placed on your desk at work, will see you move ahead rapidly.

In feng shui, cats are known to chase away evil spirits and negative energies. If you don’t have a cat, you can display some figurines for good vibrations, or purchase a money cat – a white one with a waving paw. You often see money cats at the front window in many businesses and they are great for business protection.


Aquariums symbolise growth and activity, so displaying one in the office is ideal. Close as possible to or directly in the south-east corner is especially ideal.

A set of lions at the front door is good for business and are perfect for keeping away negative energies. They are good for protecting and attracting wealth.

Having trophies and certificates on display creates a sense of authority and wisdom.


Display the MONEY Card from Sharina's Chinese Fortune Reading Cards in a frame on your desk. 


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