Feng Shoe

October 8, 2017

Feng Shoe


Never place shoes on the table as this is extremely unlucky. If you've had a stressful day, leave your shoes outside as it keeps the worries out of the home so you have time to relax.  Do not clutter your front door with shoes! Keep your entrance free so positive energies can flow through. 


Step into your day with ...

Brown shoes for grounded, practical energy. 

Black shoes for neutrality and authority. 

Gold shoes for kicking goals! Gold trim or a bit of sparkle will do the trick. 

Red shoes to increase passion in business or new romance.

Yellow shoes for creativity and fun! 

Green shoes for healing and re-energising. 

Silver shoes for increased intuition and learning new skills. 

Pink shoes for soulmate connections and family bliss.

Blue shoes for promotion and clear communication. 

White shoes for a fresh start. 


***These tips also work for different coloured socks.  


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