High Five for Feng Shui

September 27, 2017

High Five for Feng Shui 


Feng shui is all about manifesting your desires. There are some very simple guidelines to follow when you are actively inviting an abundance of goodness into your world.


1. BE GRATEFUL. Count your blessings and be thankful for everything you have. Look around at your friends, family, pets, home and experiences. See and appreciate all the good things you have in your life.


2. BE GIVING. See the people around you and help without the need of a reward. Take a sick friend or neighbour a ready-cooked meal, donate to charity or volunteer your time to a worthy cause.

3. BE BELIEVING. Keep a positive attitude and believe that your desires are on the way. If you don’t meet the love of your life or get that great new job on the first try or in the first week, know that the perfect situation is on the way. When you believe good things are on the way you will want to go to that job interview or dinner party as this might just be the day that everything falls into place.


4. BE COMPLIMENTARY. When a friend gets a new job or a hot date don’t be jealous. If someone looks nice tell them! Share in the excitement of your friends’ successes and know that you are next.


5. BE PROACTIVE. Feng shui and visualisation are fantastic items to keep in your tool kit for success. However, they can only work with the energy you give them. It is unlikely that your dreams will fall from the sky into your lap while you sit home eating pizza in front of the TV! Hard work and a good plan will bring home the feng shui.


When you are grateful, giving, believing, complimentary and proactive you can use the following feng shui tips to attract positive opportunities and make the most of the energies available to you.


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