A Picture of Health

September 18, 2017

A Picture of Health


Green is for growth and renewal and is the most auspicious colour for feng shui-ing your home for health. Paint your walls pale green, use green towels in the bathroom and add indoor plants to the décor in every room. Keep potted herbs in the kitchen as well as a bowl of oranges and lemons.


The bedroom is a space for rest and rejuvenation. Pay particular attention to this room to enhance healing. Avoid sleeping under a sloping ceiling, open beams or next to a bookcase. You can hang bamboo flutes from the ceiling or shelf to correct the energy flow. Wear green pyjamas or invest in green sheets. Steer clear of water beds and fountains as they carry too much yang for the sleeping quarters.


Placing a bowl of jade in the bedroom can enhance healing chi. You might like to include adventurine, amazonite, amethyst and jasper in the bowl as well. Take the healing with you by keeping one or two of these crystals in your pocket, on a necklace or on your key ring.


Do not bring work into the bedroom and electronics should be kept to an absolute minimum. No TV! Definitely no computer! If you must have electrical items in the bedroom, keep them at least 6 foot away from where you are sleeping.



To promote healing vibes, place a photo of yourself or the person you are wishing good health in a green frame. It is best to use a photo you like that you attach fond memories to. 


Saturday 23 Sep 2017. Time: 8:00PM Tickets: $25/$20. 

Details at www.rootyhillrsl.com.au


This week's Lucky Numbers, Colours and Tarot HERE


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