Make it happen!

September 11, 2017

Make it happen! 


Keep your goals in clear sight and make things happen for you with a Manifestation Board. Simply buy a cork board and place all your wishes, dreams and desires on it. Here are some examples . . .


For LOVE, stick pictures of brides and grooms, romantic getaways, love poems and roses on your board.

For MONEY, use images of sports cars, new homes, holidays, new furniture, boats, swimming pools etc.


For CAREER, pin up pictures of a large office building, successful people you admire, a gold Buddha and awards for your outstanding achievements.

For FAME, fill your board with images of people successful in your field whom you admire, with quotes from them, songs etc. And give it some sparkle!

For HEALTH, find a happy, healthy picture of yourself and surround it with healthy food, the gym, sports people and fun activities that you would like to do when you are healthy.

Depending on what you desire or wish, place your cork board in your office, lounge or bedroom. Do one for the kids’ room with all their heroes on it to help them with study. Use your common sense. If you are feeling creative, purchase a canvas, paint and draw all your wishes and desires on to it and hang it on a wall. Make your painting as bright and colourful as you can.

You can make a separate manifestation board for each of your goals, for example, one for love, one for your children’s schooling, one for your career . . . and place them throughout the home. Every time you look at your boards you will begin to manifest your desire. Keep your self-talk successful and positive. If you have trouble chasing negative thoughts away write positive messages to yourself on your manifestation board, on your fridge and on the ceiling above your bed. Surround yourself with positive thoughts to keep you motivated and believing in yourself.

Get the vibe!



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