Blossom into Spring Readings

August 28, 2017


Flowers can be used for healing, divination and guidance, and your favourite flower can give you insight into your inner self.  As our gardens spring to life, take note of the blossoms you are most attracted to or make your own flower oracle using the meanings below.   


Bottlebrush: Time to let go and move forward. 

Gerbera: Emotional upheavals. Major life changes. Fascinating times ahead.

Dahlia: Don't put off a crucial decision. Weigh up your options and be confident you will make the best choice.

Daffodil: Growth in business, strengthening new relationships and friendships.  Luck! 

Frangipani: The strength to cope in difficult times. 

Jacaranda: A change in direction and personal growth ahead.

Lavender: Burst of passion. A boost for existing relationships or a new lover on the way. 

Pansy: Heightened intuition. 

Poppy: Reunions are likely. Settling a difference or solving a problem once and for all. 

Rose: Romance and passion!    

Sunflower: High energy and charisma.

Tulip: Auspicious times! Kick goals and be sociable. 



When: Saturday 23 Sep 2017. Time: 8:00PM Tickets $25/$20. 

Details at


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