Sharina's Romance Tips

January 14, 2014

Sharina’s tips for romance, ooh la la
To attract Love.
Remove clutter in the bedroom especially under the bed and do not store anything underneath the bed.
Use pink sheets to attract love.
Have a bright light in the bedroom.
Write in red pen a love wish on your hand
Place two pink candles in the bedroom
Carry or wear a rose quart crystal
Place a rose quartz crystal in the bedroom
Have a picture of a happy couple in the bedroom or a love painting
Place two crystal swans in the bedroom
Place a picture of lovebirds in the bedroom
Carry a fish lucky charm on a keyring or in the pocket
To attract Passion
Place a round mirror under mattress
Place a red flower in white vase
To attract Marriage
Carry a heart shaped rose quartz crystal
Place two 2 pink roses in white vase
Bind two champagne glasses together with red ribbon
Borrow a cup from a happily married couple and place 9 grains of rice and an imitation ring inside to attract a husband
Throw an orange in a river on a full moon to attract a wealthy husband
To keep a romance alive
Place a picture of two cranes/flamingoes in the home for long lasting partnership
Place two mandarin duck ornaments in the lounge


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