Feng Shui

Tips and cures to improve your life

FENG SHUI luck and prosperity …. How to be a money magnet

Tips attract more money ,luck and good fortune into your life

House tips? Dress tips?


FENG SHUI CORPORATE For the business woman, design your office, tips for STRONG career advancement get your dream job ! move up corporate ladder

attract influential people and achieve magnificence, brilliant networking tips


FENG SHUI love and RELATIONSHIPS…  Meet your soul mate, attract more passion into fading marriage or relationship- life help, achieve harmony within  the family stop the dating  drought ,attract the right friendships and so much more


FENG SHUI  FAME    ,sparkle in your field of expertise ,become  a famous singer actress or simply  have fame and built your reputation in your local community , charity or other stand out for what you want


FENG SHUI HEALTH     health is your wealth , tips for better health and healing and well being, Feng shui  power house  tips


FENG SHUI CHILDREN  Tips for fertility, CHILDRENS  successful power areas, tips to motivate children and be a winner in school art or sport



lucky  wedding dates, lucky colours and wedding   design  and tip s for a successful and harmonious wedding day and tips to  enjoy a  happy life together as a married couple


FENG SHUI TROUBLE SHOOTING    tips for different scenarios case histories in brief

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Including introduction;

  1. Luck and prosperity

  2. Corporate career advancement

  3. Love and relationships

  4. Fame and attracting it

  5. Health & wellbeing

  6. Children, and fertility

  7. Weddings and creating a successful event and future together

  8. General tips around house, dress tips

  9. Plus case histories on different scenarios

Feng Shui
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